The village policy permits the consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages only when these alcoholic beverage use regulations are followed.
   (A)   The sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages is in conjunction with a recreational event under the sponsorship of the Village Park and Recreation Department or a recognized community group, organization or responsible adult individual.
   (B)   The user must complete and obtain the alcoholic use permit.
   (C)   To sell alcoholic beverages, a Village Park and Recreation Department permit is required, along with a temporary liquor license from the village liquor control authority, which requires evidence of dram shop insurance.
   (D)   To serve alcoholic beverages, groups must obtain host liquor liability insurance.
   (E)   A village police officer must be provided when alcoholic beverages are present. One officer is needed for groups of 70 or less when alcoholic beverages are being served; groups of more than 70 must have additional officers as designated by the Village Police Department.
   (F)   Designated areas are required for alcoholic distribution and consumption.
   (G)   A letter of explanation giving details of the event, such as date, purpose and planned activities, may be requested. Procedures to control under-age drinking and over-consumption of alcohol, along with the name of one adult individual (who is 21 years age or older) responsible for the activity, must be included. The designated adult (who is 21 years of age or older) is required to be on site during the entire event.
   (H)   The sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages must occur in a park building that is consistent with the Liquor Control Act, being ILCS Ch. 235, Act 5, §§ 1 et seq. A BUILDING is defined as any structure, permanent or temporary, that has a roof and/or sides. Ask for tent permits and guidelines.
(Ord. 855, passed 2-21-2007; Am. Ord. 961, passed 4-21-2010)