(A)   Groups with more than 200 participants make a serious impact on the parks. The only park that can accommodate such functions is Lloyd Erickson Park. Parking must remain within park designated areas.
   (B)   Fees will be established on direct costs incurred and the number of participants by village staff for preparation and post event repairs and clean-up.
   (C)   Fees will be estimated in advance by the appropriate village staff and billed after the event. Fees will not be less than $100 nor more than $500 for the permit.
   (D)   Damage deposit will not be less than $500.
   (E)   Should damage occur due to function, village reserves the right to bill renter for damage incurred above the $500 deposit.
(Ord. 855, passed 2-21-2007; Am. Ord. 961, passed 4-21-2010)