(A)   Permits are issued to organizations or individuals:
      (1)   Who are residents of the Village of Elwood and Jackson Township (these permits are available January 1 of each year).
      (2)   No permits will be issued before January 1 for that year.
      (3)   Desire to reserve a selected park for a specified date and time.
      (4)   Require special arrangements.
      (5)   Planning special use activities, such as consuming alcoholic beverages, pitching tents or erecting non-routine apparatuses.
      (6)   Rental fee for small groups of 50 or less is $25. There is also a $200 damage deposit required which is refundable if park is left in same condition as when rented.
   (B)   Permits may be obtained by persons age 21 or older who come to the Village Administration Office at 401 E. Mississippi Avenue during regular business hours and:
      (1)   Show proof of residency of the Village of Elwood and Jackson Township.
      (2)   Check park availability.
      (3)   Complete a required rental application.
      (4)   Alcohol permits must be applied for 30 days in advance.
      (5)   Submit $50 for an alcohol permit and a $200 damage deposit which is refundable at the conclusion of the event if the park is left in the same condition as when rented.
      (6)   Make full payment no later than 21 days before the event.
      (7)   Permits for private events/activities are issued a maximum of three times per year. Athletic leagues may request repeating permits.
      (8)   All permits are subject to park availability, and none will be issued during park maintenance or construction periods.
(Ord. 855, passed 2-21-2007; Am. Ord. 961, passed 4-21-2010)