(A)   Subject to the provisions of division (B), a police officer is authorized to impound and tow, or have towed by a commercial towing service, to a place of safe storage:
      (1)   Any vehicle known to be stolen; or
      (2)   Any illegally parked, abandoned, inoperable, or otherwise unattended vehicle which, by its position in relation to any highway, street, alley, or public parking facility or by its physical appearance, creates or constitutes a traffic hazard which impedes the efficient movement of traffic, blocks the use of a fire hydrant, blocks the use of a private driveway, obstructs or may obstruct the movement of any emergency vehicle, or otherwise endangers public safety.
   (B)   As to any vehicle impounded and towed pursuant to division (A) by or at the request of a police officer, the owner of the vehicle has a right to post tow administrative hearing to determine whether there was probable cause to impound and tow the vehicle if such person files a written demand, on forms so provided for such a hearing, at the Police Department of the village within five business days after the person has been notified that the vehicle has been impounded and towed.
(Ord. 535, passed 4-7-1997)