(A)   Incorporation. The preambles in the ordinance codified herein be, and the same hereby are incorporated by this reference as if set out in full at this place.
   (B)   Adoption. It shall be the policy of the village to establish a six-month time period during which checks issued by the village officials on village accounts may be negotiated, and after which the checks shall be deemed non-negotiable, all in accordance with the financial policy set forth in division (C) below.
   (C)   Financial policy; check write-off policy. A check write-off policy is herein established to ensure compliance with reporting standards and to safeguard village cash flow. Checks written by the village will remain funded for a period of six months. An attempt will be made to contact the party during that period. After the six-month period, the check will be written off.
(Ord. 834, passed 10-18-2006)