(A)   Any person who is an itinerant merchant, peddler, or solicitor shall obtain a license before engaging in such activity within the city.
   (B)   The fee for the license required by this chapter shall be as set from time to time by the City Council.
   (C)   All licenses issued under this chapter shall expire sixty (60) days after the date of issuance thereof.
   (D)   Any license issued to an itinerant merchant under this chapter shall be posted conspicuously in or at the place named therein. In the event more than one place within the city shall be sued to conduct the business licensed, separate licenses shall be issued for each place.
   (E)   The City Clerk shall issue a license to each peddler or solicitor licensed under this chapter. The license shall contain the words "Licensed Peddler" or "Licensed Solicitor," the expiration date of the license, and the number of the license. The license shall be kept with the licensee during such time as he or she is engaged in the business licensed.
   (F)   The fee for the license required by this section shall be twenty-five dollars ($25) per application, except for charitable applicants who shall be exempt from payment of the fee.
(Ord. 1740-2017, passed 9-12-17)  Penalty, see § 122.99