§ 121.04  INSPECTION.
   (A)   The rental unit inspector ("Inspector") shall enforce the provisions of this subchapter and is authorized and directed to inspect residential rental units within the city in response to a complaint that an alleged violation of the provisions of this subchapter may exist or when the Inspector has valid reason to believe that a violation of this subchapter has been or is being committed. Complaints may be submitted by any individual, including the inspector or any other city staff member or contractor. The Mayor or City Administrator shall have the right to institute a systematic inspection program, if he or she deems it necessary.
   (B)   The inspector is authorized to enter and inspect all premises subject to the provisions of this subchapter for the purpose of determining whether there is compliance with its provisions. The inspector may enter any dwelling unit and the common areas used by the tenant in that dwelling unit at the tenant's invitation without the consent of the owner or owner's agent.
   (C)   The inspector and the owner, occupant, or other person in charge of premises subject to this subchapter may agree to an inspection by appointment.
   (D)   The owner, occupant, or other person in charge of premises, upon presentation of proper identification by the inspector, shall give the Inspector entry and free access to every part of the premises. If access is refused the inspector may apply for an appropriate court order to gain access. In the event it is necessary to obtain a search warrant in order to complete an inspection, the Elsmere Police Department shall assist the Inspector in preparing the search warrant and presenting it to the appropriate Kenton District Judge in order to secure issuance of the search warrant.
   (E)   No owner or landlord shall retaliate against a tenant for lodging a complaint about his or her rental dwelling with the city.
(Ord. 1751-2018, passed 4-10-18)