(A)   The city shall, pursuant to KRS 65.8835 and/or other authority, possess a lien on property owned by the person found by a final, non-appealable order of the Code Enforcement Board or by a final judgment of a court of law if the Board's decision has been appealed, to have committed a violation, for all fines assessed for the violation and for all charges and fees incurred by the city in connection with the enforcement.
   (B)   The lien shall be recorded in the office of the Kenton County Clerk. The lien shall be notice to all persons from the time of its recording and shall bear interest at or below the legal or statutory rate until paid.
   (C)   The lien shall take precedence over all other subsequent liens, except state, county, school board and city taxes, and may be enforced by judicial proceedings.
(Ord. 1640-2012, passed 9-25-12; Am. Ord. 1694-2015, passed 3-10-15)