§ 118.02  APPLICATION.
   (A)   No license to operate a mobile home park shall be issued until the owner of the premises shall make application for such privilege in triplicate and shall have furnished satisfactory proof to the City Council that he has complied with the requirements in § 118.03.
   (B)   Applications for a mobile home park license or a mobile home space shall be filed and issued by the City Clerk.  The application shall be in writing, signed by the applicant, and shall contain the following: 
      (1)   The name and address of the applicant.
      (2)   The location and legal description of the mobile home park or the mobile home space.
      (3)   A complete plan of the park showing compliance with this chapter.
   (C)   The application and all accompanying plans and specifications shall be filed in triplicate.  The Building Inspector, Fire Chief, and Police Chief shall investigate the applicant and inspect the proposed plans and specifications.  If the applicant and the proposed mobile home park is found to be compliance with all the provisions of this chapter the Building Inspector, Fire Chief, and Police Chief shall make a report of their findings, and shall file the report and their findings with the City Council.
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