(A)   Out of town taxicabs.  No taxicab licensed in another state or city shall be permitted to pick up passengers in this city without having a license from the city to do so.
   (B)   Display of name and number on exterior of cab.  Every taxicab used for carrying passengers for hire shall have the name of the owner with the city license number painted on each side of the taxicab in letters at least three inches high.
   (C)   Reporting of property found in cab.  All drivers of taxicabs shall promptly report to the Police Department all property of value left in the vehicles by passengers, together with all information in his possession regarding the passenger and property. 
   (D)   Accident or casualty report required.
      (1)   Every taxicab driver shall report in writing to the Chief of Police, on blanks to be furnished by the Police Department, of injuries to any person or property, accidents or casualties in which the taxicab driven by him participated, directly or indirectly.  The accident or casualty report shall be made within six hours after the happening thereof and shall give in detail the time, place, nature, and cause of the injury, or the name, address, and license number of the driver submitting the report. 
      (2)   Physical disability shall constitute an excuse for non-compliance with this division (D).
   (E)   Record required.
      (1)   Every owner and every driver shall keep a daily record of all calls made, the number of the passengers transported, and the time and place each passenger was secured and discharged. 
      (2)   The record shall be kept by the owner at his place of business for 60 days.
      (3)   The records shall be subject to inspection by any police officer of the city at all reasonable times. 
   (F)   Taxicab driver's address.  Every taxicab driver shall notify the City Clerk in writing of any change in his address, giving his new address in full.
   (G)   Taximeters required.
      (1)   Every taxicab licensed under this subchapter shall have a taximeter of a type approved by the City Clerk.
      (2)   The provision for taximeters shall take effect only after the City Clerk shall notify the licensee that meters are available. 
   (H)   Solicitation of passengers.  While waiting employment taxicabs shall remain in or at their designated station.  No person shall drive or cruise or be permitted to drive or cruise any taxicab over any of the streets of the city for the purpose of soliciting passengers.
   (I)   Passengers.
      (1)   While on duty no driver of a taxicab shall permit any person to ride in the front seat with him until three passengers occupy the back seat.
      (2)   No taxicab driver shall carry any person in the taxicab other than the passenger by whom he has been engaged.
      (3)   No taxicab driver shall carry more than five passengers on any one trip.
   (J)   Defrauding cab drivers.  No person shall, with the intent to defraud the owner or operator of any public vehicle for hire, engage carriage, therein.  Refusal to pay the lawful charge for carriage, absconding without payment, or offering to pay such charges shall be evidence of the intent to defraud.
   (K)   Dogs prohibited.  No dogs shall be allowed in any taxicab, except a seeing eye dog accompanying his blind master.
Penalty, see § 117.99