§ 117.06  FARE SCHEDULE.
   (A)   Rate schedule.  No person operating or controlling any motor vehicle operated as a taxicab, equipped with a taximeter within the limits of the city shall charge more than the following rates:
      (1)   For the drop-off (first 1/8 mile), $1.50.
      (2)   For each additional 1/5 mile or part thereof in excess of he first 1/8 mile, $.20 per 1/5 mile.
      (3)   Beyond a limit of ten miles, $1.00 per mile.
      (4)   Waiting time, $10.00 per hour.
   (B)   Daily rates.  For the use of any taxicab for the day, the rate may be at any amount fixed by written agreement between the parties.  In the absence of written agreement, an hourly rate not to exceed $5.00 shall prevail. 
   (C)   Dead mileage.
      (1)   No charge shall be made for a distance less than one mile traversed by a taxicab within the city limits going to respond to a call.  For a distance greater than one mile a charge of $.15 per mile may be made for each mile or fraction thereof in excess of the first mile.
      (2)   No returning charge whatever shall be made for any distance traversed regardless of the point of commencement or finish of the trip made. 
      (3)   Dead mileage shall be computed only from the station nearest to the location of the call. 
      (4)   Where the taximeter rate is used, no charge shall be made by a taxicab for the distance traversed in responding to a call, where the distance is one mile or less.  Where the distance is in excess of one mile, a charge of not more than $.15 per mile or fraction thereof may be made for the excess distance. 
   (D)   Waiting time charges. 
      (1)   On taximeter runs, a charge of $.10 may be made for each three minutes of waiting time.
      (2)   No charge shall be made for time lost by reason of the inefficiency of the taxicab or its driver or time lost by premature arrival in response to a call.
      (3)   As used in this section, "waiting time" shall include the time during which the taxicab is not in motion, after its arrival at the place to which it has been called and the time consumed while standing at the direction of a passenger.
   (E)   Extra passengers.  Where a taxicab carries more than one passenger on a taximeter fare basis, an additional charge of not more than $.10 for the entire trip may be made for each extra passenger.
   (F)   Baggage charges.  No charge shall be made for any bag, suitcase, or ordinary light traveling baggage in an amount not to exceed in weight 50 pounds, carried by any person paying fare.
   (G)   Children's rates.
      (1)   No charge shall be made for children under four years of age when accompanied by a person paying a fare.
      (2)   Not more than two children shall be carried free.  If more than two such children accompanied by a person paying fare are carried, the rate of fare chargeable for additional passengers shall apply to all children in excess of two.
      (3)   For children under four years of age not accompanied by an fare paying adult and for all children over four years of age, all provisions as to fare for individual and additional passengers shall apply.
   (H)   Receipts.  If demanded by the passenger the driver in charge of the taxicab shall deliver to the person paying for the hiring of the taxicabs at the time of such payment, a receipt thereof in legible type of writing containing the name of the owner, any items for which charge is made, and the total amount paid. 
Penalty, see § 117.99