(A)   In consultation with the Mayor and City Administrator, the Chief of Police shall set the time and location for, and shall conduct written examinations for the vacant positions of Patrol Officer and Sergeant within the Police Department.  Appropriate public notice shall be given for the vacant positions.  The Chief of Police may conduct physical agility testing from this list of candidates passing the written examination, and take any other reasonable steps (such as phone interviews) to ensure the best candidates for employment.
   (B)   The Mayor (in consultation with the City Administrator and the Chief of Police) or the hiring committee shall review the results for each candidate, as soon after examinations as practicable, and compile the eligibility list from the candidates that have met or exceeded qualifications and expectations for the applicable position.  Afterwards the Mayor and City Administrator or the Committee shall take steps (such as in-person interview) to choose a recommended candidate from the eligibility list.  The Chief of Police shall also submit his or her recommendation for the appointment of a Patrol Officer or Sergeant to the Mayor and City Administrator.
   (C)   Applicants qualifying for Patrol Officer must meet the peace officer professional standards set forth in the Kentucky Revised Statutes, meet the minimum age requirement, be a law abiding citizen of sobriety and integrity, must be able to read and write and understand the English language before being eligible for interviewing.  The Police Chief of the city shall provide the Mayor or hiring committee with a written and oral examination results and, upon request, the actual examination to be given to all applicants for the positions of Patrol Officer and Sergeant.
   (D)   Lateral transfers for the position of Patrol Officer or Sergeant may be added to the eligibility list for hiring without a written examination or physical agility testing.  Lateral transfers are defined as certified Kentucky police officers, or police officers from states whose police officer training is recognized by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, in good standing.  Lateral transfers are still subject to an oral interview, background investigation, or other reasonable inquiry prior to placement on the eligibility list.
(Ord. 1620-2011, passed 8-9-11; Am. Ord. 1642-2012, passed 10-9-12; Am. Ord. 1675-2014, passed 4-8-14)