(A)   In the event that there exists a need for an appointment to the position of Patrol Officer, Sergeant or Chief of Police, the Mayor may create an Ad Hoc Advisory Committee (“Committee”) for the interview and review of candidates and their qualifications.  This shall not be a standing committee of the city.  All eligible candidates for Patrol Officer, Sergeant and Police Chief shall be subject to the hiring process set forth by this subchapter to be interviewed by and recommended to the Mayor for further testing or interviews.  It is advised that the Committee should include the Mayor and three other committee members consisting of one City Council member, the City Administrator, and the Chief of Police (unless the hiring process is for the Chief of Police position).  The Mayor shall have the sole decision on which individuals and/or what positions comprise the Committee.
   (B)   All recommended candidates for Patrol Officer and Sergeant shall be subject to all physical, psychological and other testing as required.  All candidates for Chief of Police shall be subject to psychological and other testing as required.  Candidates who have been recommended by the Committee and/or the Mayor, and who have passed the requisite testing shall be placed on an eligibility list.  The names on such eligibility list shall not be kept on such list for longer than one year.  This eligibility list shall be maintained by the City Clerk.  The Chief of Police, after consulting with the City Administrator, shall have the option to shorten the length of time that the eligibility list is maintained by the city.
   (C)   The Mayor (In consultation with the City Administrator) shall make all appointments to the position of Patrol Officer, and shall make all appointments or promotions to the position of Sergeant and Police Chief, and the appointments and promotions shall be made from the applicable eligibility list.  For the position of Police Chief, such appointment is subject to the approval of City Council.  (See § 31.42)
   (D)   For instances of great emergency, and when no person on the eligibility list or by promotion from a lower rank is available, an appointment may be made by the Mayor without examination, but in no case shall such appointment continue longer than 90 days.
   (E)   All appointments for Patrol Officer, Sergeant and Chief of Police shall be subject to a probationary period of not less than six months.  The Mayor may provide that all appointments for initial employment as a Patrol Officer may be probationary for a period of not more than twelve months, provided that satisfactory completion of said twelve months probationary appointment shall result in appointment as a Patrol Officer.
(Ord. 1620-2011, passed 8-9-11; Am. Ord. 1642-2012, passed 10-9-12; Am. Ord. 1675-2014, passed 4-8-14)