(A)   The Mayor and/or the City Administrator, on behalf of the city, is authorized and directed to execute a contract with each newly-hired uncertified probationary police officer of the city, whereby the city agrees to advance the officer's salary and expenses while completing the program of Basic Law Enforcement Training by the Bureau of Training, Department of Justice, Commonwealth of Kentucky, at Eastern Kentucky University, or other applicable location, pursuant to the Kentucky Law Enforcement Foundation Program Fund, and the newly-hired uncertified probationary police officer agrees to reimburse the city for such sums as advanced on such uncertified probationary police officer's behalf, while completing such training, if such officer voluntarily terminates employment with the city as a police officer within two years of completion of this training, or in the event that such officer's employment is terminated for cause.
   (B)   This section, and any contract executed pursuant thereto, shall be subject to the provisions of state law and ordinances of the city regarding probationary status of newly-hired police officers, and shall in no way be construed as a modification of such statutes or ordinances.
   (C)   If a police officer bound by a contract executed pursuant to this section is terminated by the city for any reason during the probationary period or the two-year period following completion of Basic Law Enforcement Training, the provisions of the contract shall be null and void.
(Ord. 1199-1982, passed 8-10-82; Am. Ord. 1619-2011, passed 8-9-11; Am. Ord. 1642-2012, passed 10-9-12; Am. Ord. 1675-2014, passed 4-8-14)
Statutory reference:
   Law Enforcement Foundation Program Fund, see KRS 15.410 et seq.