A.   Right To Commence Hardship Process: After receiving written notification from the commission of the denial of a certificate of appropriateness, an applicant may commence the hardship process. No building permit or demolition permit shall be issued unless the commission makes a finding that a hardship exists.
   B.   Hearing: The commission may hold a public hearing on the hardship application at which an opportunity will be provided for proponents and opponents of the application to present their views.
   C.   Seeking Alternative: The applicant shall consult in good faith with the commission, local preservation groups and interested parties in a diligent effort to seek an alternative that will result in preservation of the property.
   D.   Commission Decision: All decisions of the commission shall be in writing. A copy shall be sent to the applicant by registered mail and a copy filed with the city clerk's office for public inspection. The commission's decision shall state the reasons for granting or denying the hardship application. (Ord. 94-380, 3-28-1994)