It is hereby declared as a matter of public policy that the protection, enhancement and perpetuation of landmarks and historic districts is necessary to promote the economic, cultural, educational, and general welfare of the public. Inasmuch as the identity of a people is founded on its past, and inasmuch as Eloy has many significant historic, architectural and cultural resources which constitute its heritage, this chapter is intended to:
   A.   Protect and enhance the landmarks and historic districts which represent distinctive elements of Eloy's historic, architectural and cultural heritage;
   B.   Foster civic pride in accomplishments of the past;
   C.   Protect and enhance Eloy's attractiveness to visitors and the support and stimulus to the economy thereby provided; and
   D.   Ensure the harmonious, orderly and efficient growth and development of the city. (Ord. 94-380, 3-28-1994)