A.   It shall be the duty of the airport advisory board to prepare and submit to the city council recommendations for the improvement, equipping, maintenance and operation of the Eloy municipal airport.
   B.   The airport advisory board, subject to the approval of the city council, may recommend regulations and establish fees and charges for the operation of the municipal airport.
   C.   The airport advisory board shall have periodic inventories made of airport services that exist or may be needed and interpret the needs of the public to the city council and to the city manager.
   D.   The airport advisory board shall aid in coordinating airport services with the programs of other governmental agencies and voluntary organizations.
   E.   The airport advisory board shall review the effectiveness of airport programs with the city manager and the city council. (Ord. 87-263 §§ 6 - 11, 2-23-1987; Ord. 96-416, 6-10-1996)