(A)   Pursuant to I.C. 9-17-2-12 and 9-29-4, any town police officer who performs a vehicle inspection in accordance with that code section shall charge a fee of $5 per inspection.
   (B)   The police officer shall prepare those forms required by I.C. 9-17-2-12.
   (C)   The town police officer shall remit to the Town Clerk-Treasurer an official receipt for the remittance specifying on each receipt the number of general receipts included.
   (D)   These fees shall be remitted to the Town Clerk-Treasurer at least once a week.
   (E)   The Town Clerk-Treasurer shall deposit these fees in the Law Enforcement Continuing Education Fund.
   (F)   The Town Council may from time to time appropriate the money collected from the inspections to be used for law enforcement purposes.
(1985 Code, Ch. 444)  (Ord. 88-11, passed 8-15-1988; Am. Ord. 06-16, passed 9-11-2006)