6-1-4: GOLF CARTS:
Operation on highways, Registration, licensing requirements, titling, and taxes.
   A.   Under Section 41-6a and Section 10-8-30 Utah Code, a municipality may, by ordinance, allow a person to operate a golf cart on specified highways under the jurisdiction of the municipality.
   B.   A golf cart may be operated on any city street or roadway within the boundaries of Elk Ridge City except north Elk Ridge Drive from of the roundabout to 11200.   
   C.   The operator of a golf cart must adhere to all traffic rules as defined in Section  41-6a Utah Code (Traffic Code).
   D.   The operator of a golf cart is prohibited from drinking alcohol or have an an open container of alcohol on board, 41-6a-5 Utah Code (Driving Under the Influence and Reckless Driving), while operating a golf cart on any city street, roadway, trail, public or quasi-public area within Elk Ridge City.
   E.   Each person riding on a golf cart must occupy a seat.  No more than one (1) person can occupy a seat regardless of age.  Allowing more passengers to ride than there are seats on the golf cart is prohibited.
   F.   No person under the age of sixteen (16) may operate a golf cart on any city street, roadway, trail, public or quasi-public space.
   G.   A golf cart must not be operated after civil twilight at sunset or before civil twilight at sunrise on any city street, roadway, trail, public, or quasi-public area.
   H.   A golf cart is exempt from the requirements of:
      1.   Titling, odometer statement, vehicle identification, license plates, and registration as defined under Title 41, Chapter 1a, Utah Code (Motor Vehicle Act).
      2.   The county motor vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance programs under Section 41-6a-1642 Utah Code (Emission Inspection)
      3.   Motor vehicle insurance under Title 41, Chapter 12a Utah Code. (Financial Responsibility of Motor Vehicle Owners and Operators Act).
      4.   Driver licensing under Title 53, Chapter 3, Utah Code (Uniform Driver License Act).
      5.   The uniform statewide fee described in Section 59-2-405.2 Utah Code.
(Ord. 20-06, 4-14-2020)