Unless the context otherwise requires, all references in the traffic code to:
   A.   “Golf carts” means a device that:
      1.   Is designed for transportation by players on a golf course;
      2.   Has not less than three (3) wheels in contact with the ground;
      3.   Has an unladen weight of less than one thousand eight hundred (1,800) pounds;
      4.   Is designed to operate at low speeds; and
      5.   Is designed to carry not more than six (6) persons including the driver.
      6.   “Golf cart” does not include:
         a.   A low-speed vehicle or an off-highway vehicle;
         b.   A motorized wheelchair;
         c.   An electric personal assistive mobility device;
         d.   An electric assisted bicycle;
         e.   A motor assisted scooter;
         f.   A personal delivery device, as defined in Section 41-6a-1119 Utah Code;
         g.   A mobile carrier, as defined in Section 41-6a-1120 Utah Code.
   B.   The "state road commission" or "state department of transportation" shall mean the city and its officers, departments, agencies and agents.
   C.   "Local authorities" shall mean the city council.
   D.   The "department of public safety of the state of Utah" shall mean the chief of the current law enforcement agency of the city or its agent.
   E.   "Magistrate" shall mean the justice court judge or judge with jurisdiction within the municipal boundaries.
(Ord. 83-4, 6-29-1983, eff. 8-9-1983; amd. 2003 Code; amd. Ord. 20-06, 4-14-2020)