A.   Home Occupation Defined: A home occupation is a business customarily carried on in a business establishment, that is permitted to be carried out in a residence as long as the use as a business is incidental to the primary residential purpose and the residential character of the property is not changed. Every person permitted to carry on a home occupation shall obtain an annual business license.
   B.   License Required: Every person having a "home occupation", as defined in section 4-1-2 of this chapter, shall obtain a business license from the City Clerk.
   C.   Approval Required: The City Clerk shall require approval by the Planning Department prior to issuance of a home occupation business license.
   D.   License Fees: The business license fee shall be established by resolution of the City Council. The rates shall be established based on the yearly gross sales receipts or revenues of the business or profession unless the rate is established by some other method as set forth in this chapter. In the case of business making sales and rendering services, the gross revenue from both sales and services shall be considered the equivalent of gross sales.
   E.   Limitation On Service Locations: No home occupation may conduct business upon any street, public right-of-way within the City or public property owned by the City without prior permission from the City. (Ord. 818, 4-25-2017)