A.   License Required: Every organizer/sponsor of a "traveling show", as defined in section 4-1-2 of this chapter, shall obtain a traveling show business license from the City Clerk. The City Clerk may require proof of inspection and approval by Federal, State, County and/or Municipal authorities where required.
   B.   Business License Fee: Each person conducting a traveling show shall pay a license fee as established by a resolution of the City Council. If the performance is given in aid of any local educational or charitable purpose with fifty percent (50%) or more of the proceeds going to charity, no license shall be required.
   C.   Limitation On Locations: No traveling show may conduct business upon any street, public right-of-way within the City or public property owned by the City without prior permission, and where necessary, execution of an agreement to conduct the business with the City. (Ord. 507, 5-26-1998)