Any business license issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter may be suspended, canceled or revoked in the manner provided in this section.
   A.   Authority: The city clerk may reject any application or cancel or, after notice to the licensee, may revoke any license of a person who operates or maintains a place of business in violation of any ordinance of the city or violation of any state or federal law, or who does not first secure any required federal state or city license.
   B.   Notice: Notice of the proposed suspension, revocation or cancellation shall be made to the licensee not less than five (5) days prior to the effective date of the suspension, revocation or cancellation. Such notice shall be served as provided in subsection 4-1-10E of this chapter, and shall include the reason for the action and shall provide for a hearing before the city manager, at which time, the proposed action to suspend, revoke or cancel shall be approved or denied.
   C.   Appeal Hearing: The licensee may submit a letter of appeal of the city manager's action to suspend, revoke or cancel a business license to the city council within ten (10) days of the action at which time the city council shall proceed as follows:
      1.   The city council may, on its own motion or initiative, or upon complaint of any person, institute proceedings to suspend, cancel or revoke a business license.
      2.   Notice of intent to suspend, cancel or revoke said license shall be mailed to the person holding the business license at the last address as shown on the application or on any supplemental application.
      3.   Such notice shall set forth the alleged reasons for the proposed suspension, cancellation or revocation.
      4.   The licensee shall, within ten (10) days of the date of mailing of the notice of intent, or within ten (10) days of a decision by the city manager to suspend, revoke or cancel a license, file with the city clerk a written answer to the notice or a written notice of appeal.
      5.   After receipt of the written answer from the licensee, or written notice of appeal, the city council shall fix a day and time for a hearing at which the licensee shall be given an opportunity to be heard. (Ord. 540, 10-5-2000)