A.   Duties Of Licensee: Every licensee under this chapter shall:
      1.   Ascertain and at all times comply with all federal, state, county and/or municipal laws, ordinances and regulations applicable to such licensed business.
      2.   Prominently display the business license in licensee's place of business.
      3.   Permit all reasonable inspections of his business and examination of his books by public authorities so authorized by law.
      4.   Avoid all unlawful, improper or unnecessary acts, practices or conditions in the conduct of his business which do or may affect the public health, morals or welfare or constitute a public nuisance.
      5.   Refrain from operating the licensed business in the city after expiration of the license or in such cases where the license is revoked, canceled or suspended.
   B.   Enforcement Duties: The city clerk, chief of police, city attorney, and the regularly appointed police officers of the city shall enforce compliance with this chapter.
      1.   Chief Of Police Additional Duties: In addition to any other duties set out herein, the chief of police and his authorized representative may enter any place of business, trucks, vehicles or other conveyances used for any business purpose to ascertain whether or not the proper license has been issued and paid for allowing the person to engage in business in the city.
      2.   City Clerk Additional Duties: In addition to any other duties prescribed in this chapter, the city clerk or his/her designee shall:
         a.   Make diligent inquiry and examination as to all person required to obtain a business license and pay a fee therefor; and
         b.   Maintain a city license register, in which shall be entered the names of all persons to whom licenses are issued, the business, trade or profession licensed, the time for which the license is valid, the date of its issue, the date of its expiration, and the fee therefor; and
         c.   Request city council permission for an audit of any person or business in the city, said audit to be performed by a qualified certified public accountant to be appointed by the city; and
         d.   Make a written report of all persons who have failed to obtain a license and pay the fee prescribed therefor, as provided in this chapter, and issue a delinquency notice for a penalty; and
         e.   Report to the city attorney the name of the delinquent person or persons if the fee and penalty are not paid within thirty (30) days from the date of the notice.
      3.   City Attorney Additional Duties: In addition to any other duties prescribed in this chapter, the city attorney may institute an action against all persons operating without a valid business license under title 1, chapter 3 of this code.
   C.   Inspection Authority Of City Personnel: The city clerk, building official, fire marshal, city planner and the chief of police, and their respective designees, are authorized to make all investigations reasonably necessary for the enforcement of this chapter and shall have the authority to inspect licensees, their business records or premises to determine and enforce compliance with this chapter. All persons authorized herein to inspect licensees and businesses shall have the authority to enter, with or without a search warrant, at all reasonable times, the following premises:
      1.   Those for which a license is required.
      2.   Those for which a license was issued and which, at the time of inspections, are operating under said license.
      3.   Those for which the license has been revoked, canceled or suspended. (Ord. 540, 10-5-2000)