All city elections and the manner of holding the same shall be governed and conducted in accordance with the city charter, this chapter, and the laws of the state governing general elections, so far as the same can be made applicable to such city elections, and except as herein provided, and the rules and regulations for the conduct of primary and general elections in all counties of the state, issued by the department of state, the state of Nevada, pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes title 24, so far as the same can be made applicable to city elections, and except as herein provided. In those elections held at the time of state elections as provided hereafter, the city clerk may work in cooperation with the county clerk of the county of Elko to ensure compliance with the city clerk's duties and responsibilities hereunder and to avoid unnecessary expense and use of resources by the city. Only those minimum requirements of state law in conducting city elections shall be required of any city election and any variance therefrom shall not invalidate any city election. (Ord. 778, 1-14-2014)