This Chapter is enacted pursuant to the terms and provisions of Chapters 308, 318, Nevada Revised Statutes, in order to create a Television District furnishing television signals and programming within that portion of Elko County hereinafter described:
From a point where the North latitude 40°15' intersects West longitude 116°9' North along said longitudinal line to a point where said longitudinal line intersects the Adobe Range, then in a Northeasterly direction along the Southeast slope of the Adobe Range to a point where said range intersects North latitude 41°10', then in an Easterly direction along said line of latitude to a point where said line of latitude intersections West longitude 115°5', then South along said line of longitude to a point where said line is intersected by the Northwestern slope of the Ruby Mountains, and then along said Northwest slope of the Ruby Mountains until the same intersects North latitude line 40°15', then West along said line of latitude to the point of beginning.
The District hereby created shall be known as the Elko Television District.