(A)   Off highway vehicles may be used and operated within Elko County only over such ways, trails, streets, roads or highways that are recognized and/or maintained by Elko County including any town streets recognized and/or maintained by the official town board of any unincorporated town. To the fullest extent possible, off highway vehicles shall be operated only on the outer edge of streets and roads and shall not be operated on sidewalks.
Nothing in this chapter shall be construed as giving operators of off highway vehicles permission to ride on highways controlled and/or maintained by other entities unless expressly allowed.
   (B)   Signage or authorization concerning designated routes will be provided, but:
      1.   Designating or authorizing such routes does not assure the safety of any operators, passengers or users of the route; and
      2.   Designating or authorizing such routes does not assure that the route itself is safe for off highway vehicle use or for any other purpose.
   (C)   If authorized by a specific incorporated city code, unincorporated town code, or residential HOA rules, any operator of an off highway vehicle who begins or ends such operation within a residential neighborhood location within any incorporated city, unincorporated community or town, shall use the most direct route possible to reach a designated route. Nothing in this section is intended to supersede the authority of the incorporated cities to regulate off highway vehicle use within their respective city limits.
   (D)   The Elko County board of commissioners shall adopt by resolution appropriate map(s) which describe and identify the routes where off highway vehicle use is permitted under this chapter and establish the routes appropriate for off highway vehicle use.
   (E)   Elko County shall seek permission from the Nevada department of transportation to incorporate certain portions of state highways into Elko County's designated off highway vehicle routes. (Ord. 2014-09, 6-5-2014, eff. 6-19-2014)