(A)   After receiving the appeal, the hearing officer shall give notice to the officer or employee who is the subject of the appeal.
   (B)   The notice shall include the following:
      1.   The written appeal and information submitted to the hearing officer.
      2.   That the officer or employee has thirty (30) days to supply a written response to the written appeal and any additional information helpful to the hearing officer.
      3.   That the officer or employee's employment may be terminated as a result of the hearing.
      4.   The date, time, and place where the hearing will take place.
      5.   The following warning: Please be advised that any further retaliatory or reprisals against the appealing employee or officer may result in further disciplinary action by the hearing officer.
   (C)   The hearing officer, after receiving any response from the officer or employee, will hold a hearing. At the hearing, the hearing officer shall review all the material and any further information offered by the appealing officer or employee and the officer and employee who is the subject of the appeal. The hearing officer may render a decision at the hearing or may make a written response after the hearing. The hearing officer may make one of the following two orders:
      1.   The proper person to desist and refrain from engaging in such a violation or action that violates the provisions of this chapter; or
      2.   The termination of the employment of the proper person.  (Ord. 05-2020, 7-15-2021)