The Council shall appoint a City Attorney, who shall be an attorney at law, admitted to practice in the State of West Virginia, and he or she shall be the head of the Department of Law of the city. He or she shall be the legal adviser, attorney and counsel for the city and for the officers of the departments thereof in matters relating to their official duties. He or she shall prosecute and defend all suits, actions and procedures for and on behalf of the city, shall prepare all contracts, bonds and other instruments, in writing, in which the city is concerned and shall endorse on each his or her approval of the form and correctness thereof. He or she shall, if required by the Mayor, appear and assist in the prosecution of persons arrested for violating the laws and ordinances of the city or those laws of the state over which the Municipal Court may have jurisdiction. The Mayor or any member of the Council may require the opinion of the City Attorney, in writing, upon any question of law involving his or her powers and duties. The term of office shall be for one year commencing on April 1 of each year, and he or she shall receive such compensation as shall be deemed appropriate.
(1991 Code, § 2-23)