(A)   The maximum speed of any vehicle operated within a park boundary is limited to 15 mph. It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a vehicle in excess of this speed limit.
   (B)   No person shall cause or permit any vehicle under his or her control to obstruct traffic or access to gates.
   (C)   No person shall operate a vehicle within any park area except upon roadways or other areas specifically designated for vehicle traffic.
   (D)   No person shall cause a vehicle to enter or leave any park area except at established entrances or exits.
   (E)   No person shall park a vehicle in any park area not designated or designed for parking use.
   (F)   No person shall park a vehicle in an area designated as “Unloading Only” or “Temporary Parking” and leave the same unattended for a period exceeding 15 minutes.
(Ord. 12-177, passed 4-16-2012)  Penalty, see § 93.999