(A)   Construction.  The provisions of this chapter shall be construed as follows.
      (1)   Any term in the singular shall include the plural.
      (2)   Any term in the masculine shall include the feminine and neuter,
      (3)   Any prohibition or requirement in this chapter relating to an act shall extend to and include the causing, procuring, aiding or abetting, directly or indirectly, of such act.
      (4)   Any prohibition in this chapter relating to an act shall extend to and include an adult’s permitting or allowing the act to be performed by a minor in the custody of the adult.
      (5)   No provision hereof shall make unlawful any act performed by any officer or employee of the Park Department in the line of duty or in accord with his or her work assignment or by any person, his or her agents or employees in the proper and necessary execution of the terms of any agreement with the Park Board.
      (6)   Any act otherwise prohibited by law or local ordinance shall be lawful if performed under, by virtue of, and strictly in compliance with, the provisions of a written permit or the authorization of a park ranger necessitated by temporary emergency conditions, but only to the extent so authorized.
      (7)   This chapter is in addition and supplemental to all municipal, state and federal laws and ordinances.
   (B)   Territorial scope. This chapter shall be effective within and upon all areas under the jurisdiction of the Park Board and shall regulate the use thereof by all persons.
(Ord. 12-177, passed 4-16-2012)