5-1-11: TRAINING:
   A.   Participation in State Programs: The Village hereby elects to participate in the programs provided for in the Illinois Fire Protection Training Act 1 . (Ord. 1542, 10-26-82)
   B.   Training Required: Before an individual may commence regular full-time employment as a firefighter, he must have been certified by the Illinois State Fire Marshal as a Firefighter II, as having successfully completed an approved training course as provided in said Act. The Firefighter II training must be completed by the trainee within his probationary period of twelve (12) months. (Ord. 1542, 10-26-82; amd. Ord. 1788, 3-25-86; 1992 Code)
   C.   Amendment of Rules and Regulations: The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners are hereby instructed and directed to make the necessary amendments to the Personnel Rules, the Manual of Rules of the Village of Elk Grove Village Fire Department and Rules of the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners in order to require that any person appointed to the Fire Department of the Village shall not become a regular member of the Fire Department unless and until he shall complete, pursuant to said Illinois Fire Protection and Training Act, the approved training course within twelve (12) months of his initial employment. (Ord. 1542, 10-26-82)



1. S.H.A. 50 ILCS 740/1 et seq.