A.   Removal of Property: The Fire Chief shall have the power to cause the removal of any property whenever it shall become necessary for the preservation of such property from fire or to prevent the spreading of fire or to protect adjoining property.
   B.   Destruction of Buildings: The Fire Chief or other officer in command may direct the firemen to cut down and remove any building, erection or fence for the purpose of checking the progress of any fire, and the Fire Chief or other officer in command shall have power to blow up or cause to be blown up with any explosive any building or erection during the progress of a fire for the purpose of extinguishing or checking same. (Ord. 404, 9-7-65)
   C.   Arrests: The Fire Chief or any officer of the Fire Department shall have the power during a fire and for a period of thirty six (36) hours after its extinction to arrest any person suspected of incendiarism or any person hindering, resisting or delaying the firemen or conducting himself in a noisy or disorderly manner or refusing to obey such officer while acting in the discharge of his duty. Said officers are hereby severally vested with the usual powers and authority of police officers to command all persons to assist them in making any necessary arrests 1 . (Ord. 404, 9-7-65; 1992 Code)



1. See also Section 1-7-8 of this Code.