5-1-2: FIRE CHIEF:
   A.   Appointment: The Fire Chief shall be appointed by the Village President with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees, provided that if the person appointed Chief was at the time of such promotion a member of the Department, he shall retain his status and rank while serving as Chief and shall revert to such status and rank when his appointment as Chief has ended.
   B.   Oath: The Fire Chief, before entering on the duties of his office, shall take the oath of office prescribed by statute. (1992 Code)
   C.   Powers and Duties:
      1.   Generally: The Fire Chief shall have sole and exclusive control and management of all matters and things pertaining to the Fire Department and all officers and employees therein engaged.
      2.   Annual Estimate: Each year, the Fire Chief shall prepare and submit to the Village Manager an estimate of the total cost and expense of providing for and maintaining the Fire Department of the Village during the ensuing fiscal year, which estimate shall be submitted at such time and in such form as required by the Village Manager.
      3.   Inspections and Investigations; Fires: The Fire Chief shall inquire into and investigate causes of all fires in the Village as soon after their occurrence as practical, and he shall keep a record of such investigation and the evidence adduced thereby. (Ord. 404, 9-7-65; 1992 Code)
      4.   Reports Required:
         a.   Accidental Fires: At the request of the President and Board of Trustees, the Fire Chief shall prepare and submit a report of all accidents by fire that may have taken place in the Village during the preceding fiscal year, the cause of same, a description of all buildings destroyed, as well as a report as to persons injured or killed.
         b.   Performance Evaluations: The Fire Chief shall establish and maintain a system for ascertaining and recording the individual performance of each officer and employee of the Fire Department. (1992 Code)
      5.   Records Kept; Generally: The Fire Chief shall keep a full and complete record of all transactions of the Department, of all property in his charge, as well as such records as shall be required to conduct the business of the Department. (Ord. 404, 9-7-65; 1992 Code)