A.   Location Requirements:
      1.   Dispensary Organizations will be permitted to open and operate in a building located in the B-1, B-2 or B-3 zoning districts adjacent to I-1 or I-2 zoning districts.
      2.   Dispensary Organizations must not be located within one thousand (1,000) feet of any residential zoned district.
      3.   Dispensary Organizations must be located one thousand (1,000) feet away from public or private elementary and secondary schools and any day care centers.
      4.   Dispensary Organizations must be located one thousand (1,000) feet away from another marijuana dispensary.
      5.   Dispensary Organizations tenant space must be no less than two thousand (2,000) square feet.
      6.   Dispensary Organizations must provide onsite parking. The minimum parking space required shall be one parking space per every one hundred (100) square feet of dispensary tenant space.
   B.   Building Requirements:
      1.   Cannabis Dispensing Facilities must have:
         a.   A lobby waiting area at the entrance with a minimum size of one hundred (100) square feet, secured or separated from the designated area for sales by full height walls extending from floor to ceiling.
         b.   A designated area for sales/dispensing.
         c.   A separate and secure designated area for storage.
      2.   Multi-Tenant Facilities: Dispensaries can be located in a multi-tenant building provided that no other business located therein holds a liquor license.
      3.   Building Enhancements: All licensed facilities shall install building enhancements such as security cameras, security alarm systems, lighting and such other improvements to ensure the safety of employees and customers of the facility, as well as its environs, consistent with the requirements of the Act and the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program Act (410 ILCS 130/1, et seq.). All lighting outside and inside the facility shall be maintained in good working order with sufficient wattage for security cameras.
      4.   Exterior and Interior Signage:
         a.   Terms including but not limited to "weed", "pot" or the like are prohibited from all interior and exterior signage.
         b.   The use of marijuana leaf or the image of any marijuana paraphernalia on any exterior building identification signage is prohibited.
         c.   Each facility must display both State and Village business licenses on the premises.
         d.   Each facility must post signs that read:
            (2)   "ONSITE CONSUMPTION OF CANNABIS PRODUCTS IS PROHIBITED". (Ord. 3706, 5-11-2021)