Annual Budget; Budget Officer   4.04
City Accounts; Annual Audit   4.08
Home Rule Municipal Retailers' And Service Occupation Tax Exempting Certain Food, Drugs And Motor Vehicles   4.10
Retailers' Occupation Tax (Rep. by Ord. G52-11, 2011)   4.12
Municipal Electricity Use Tax   4.14
Service Occupation Tax (Rep. by Ord. G52-11, 2011)   4.16
Municipal Utility Tax   4.18
Municipal Gas Use Tax   4.19
Municipal Use Tax   4.20
Alcoholic Liquor Tax   4.21
Motor Fuel Tax   4.22
Hotel Or Motel Room Rental Tax   4.24
Municipal Cannabis Retailers’ Occupation Tax   4.25
Real Estate Transfer Stamp   4.26
Nonreferendum General Obligation Bond Issuance   4.28
Public Records Fees   4.32
Property Vacation Fees   4.36
Simplified Municipal Telecommunications Tax   4.38
Traffic Accident Report Fees   4.40
Telecommunications Infrastructure Maintenance Fee (Rep. by Ord. G29-04 § 3, 2004)   4.60
Locally Imposed And Administered Tax Rights And Responsibility   4.70
Cable And Video Service Provider Fee And PEG Access Support Fee   4.80