Off street "parking lots" [SR] and any other "vehicle use area" [SR] shall be subject to the provisions for "vehicle use area setbacks" [SR], "vehicle use area landscape yards" [SR], and "interior landscape yards" [SR] contained in the site design regulations for the zoning district in which it is to be located, except for:
   A.   "Parking structures" [SR] which shall be considered a "building" [SR];
   B.   "Residential parking areas" [SR], which shall be subject to the provisions of subsection 19.45.120 C of this chapter; and
   C.   "Interior landscape yards" [SR] may be omitted from within off street "loading facilities" [SR] provided the trees and shrubs that would otherwise be required by Section 19.12.720 C.3. are provided elsewhere on the lot. Said trees and shrubs should be placed at locations and in a manner that provides screening or otherwise enhances "loading facilities" [SR] on the lot. The vehicle use area for off street "loading facilities" [SR] may be excluded from the total vehicle use area on a zoning lot but only for the purposes of calculating the total area of required interior landscape yard as put forth in Section 19.12.720 C.2., not for the  purposes of determining the amount of trees and shrubs required by Section 19.12.720 C.3. (Ord. G14-20 § 1, 2020; Ord. G66-94 § 1, 1994; Ord. G45-92 § 2, 1992)