14.08.005: Definitions
14.08.010: Storm And Sanitary Sewer; Separate Systems To Be Maintained
14.08.020: Cross Connection Prohibited
14.08.025: Connections Prohibited
14.08.030: Connection Permit Applications
14.08.040: Storm Sewer; Connection Permit Required
14.08.050: Storm And Combined Sewer; Control And Supervision
14.08.060: Sanitary Sewer; Connection Permit Required
14.08.070: Sanitary Sewer; Connection Permit Fee
14.08.080: Sanitary Sewer; Separate Connection Required
14.08.090: Sanitary Sewer; Pipe Specifications; Manholes Required
14.08.100: Sanitary Sewer; Separate From Closet System When
14.08.110: Sanitary Sewer; Street And House Connection
14.08.115: Sanitary Sewer; Lateral Repair
14.08.116: Sanitary Sewer Lateral Repair Assistance Program
14.08.120: Shutoff For Delinquent Payment Or Unlawful Discharge
14.08.130: Variation From Provisions; Permit Required
14.08.140: Connections To Be Made At Junctions; Combined Sewer System Not To Be Extended
14.08.150: Alteration And Repairs; Permit Required
14.08.160: Injuring Or Obstructing Sewer Prohibited
14.08.170: Official Duties, Inspections And Reports
14.08.175: Suspension Of Storm Sewer System Access
14.08.177: Industrial Activity
14.08.180: Prohibited Substances
14.08.185: Requirements For Prohibited Connections And Discharges
14.08.190: Use Or Construction Contrary To Provisions Unlawful
14.08.200: Toilet Facilities Required
14.08.210: Private Disposal System
14.08.220: Sewer Rates !2R!



1. 65 ILCS 5/11-141-1 et seq.