(a)   Council or other designated traffic authority may designate through streets or highways and erect stop signs at specified entrances thereto or may designate any intersection as a stop intersection and erect like signs at one or more entrances to such intersection.
   (b)   Every such sign shall bear the word "Stop" in letters not less than six inches in height and such sign shall at nighttime be rendered luminous by steady or flashing internal illumination, or by a fixed floodlight projected on the face of the sign, or by efficient reflecting elements on the face of the sign.
   (c)   Every stop sign shall be erected as near as practicable to the nearest line of the crosswalk on the near side of the roadway.
   (d)   Every driver of a vehicle approaching a stop sign shall stop before entering the crosswalk on the near side of the intersection or in the event there is no crosswalk shall stop at a clearly marked stop line, but if none, then at the point nearest the intersecting street or highway where the driver has a view of approaching traffic on the intersecting street or highway before entering the intersection except when directed to proceed by a police officer or traffic control signal.   
(WVaC 17C-12-5)