33.01   TIME OF CONSTRUCTION. No accessory building or structure shall be constructed on any lot prior to the time of construction of the principal building to which it is an accessory.
   33.02   PERCENTAGE OF REQUIRED YARD OCCUPIED. No detached accessory building or buildings shall occupy more than thirty (30) percent of the area of a required yard.
   33.03   HEIGHT OF ACCESSORY BUILDINGS. No detached accessory building or structure shall exceed the height of one story.
   33.04   LOCATION ON LOT. No accessory building shall be erected in any front yard.  Accessory buildings shall be no closer than three (3) feet from all lot lines of adjoining lots which are in any "R" District and at least four (4) feet from alley lines.
   33.05  MOBILE HOMES. Mobile homes may not be used for accessory buildings.
   33.06   ADJOINING LOTS. An accessory building may be built on the adjoining subdivision lot or tract, if both parcels are owned by the same individual, family, or firm, and the owner signs and records a "Restrictive Covenant and Agreement Not to Sever" in cooperation with the Plan and Zone Commission.