TITLE TWO - General Provisions
         Chap. 420.   Illinois Vehicle Code.
         Chap. 422.   Administration, Enforcement and Penalties.
   TITLE FOUR - Public Ways
         Chap. 440.   Street Obstructions and Special Uses.
         Chap. 442.   Parades.
         Chap. 444.   Traffic Control Devices.
         Chap. 446.   Obstructing Public Ways.
   TITLE SIX - Vehicles and Operation
         Chap. 460.   Operation Generally.
         Chap. 462.   Licensing of Motor Vehicles.  (Repealed)
         Chap. 464.   Storage or Abandonment of Unlicensed and/or Inoperable Vehicles.
         Chap. 466.   Commercial and Heavy Vehicles.
         Chap. 468.   Regulating Size and Weight of Vehicles.
         Chap. 470.   Snowmobiles.
         Chap. 472.   Seizure and Impounding of Vehicles.
   TITLE EIGHT - Parking
         Chap. 480.   Parking Generally.