(A)   Any prepayment or overpayment of charges may be retained by the city and applied on subsequent charges.
   (B)   All charges for water shall be due on the monthly due date specified by the city for the respective account and shall be delinquent one day thereafter. The city shall endeavor to collect delinquent accounts promptly and shall assess 10% per month late fee for delinquent accounts. In any case, where satisfactory arrangements for payments have not been made, after the procedural requirements of division (C) of this section have been complied with, service may be discontinued to the delinquent customer by shutting off the water at the stop box if the respective account is delinquent.
   (C)   Procedure for shutoff of service. Water shall not be shut off under division (B) of this section or for violation of rules and regulations affecting utility service until notice and an opportunity for a hearing have first been given the occupant of the premises involved. The written notice shall either be sent by regular postal mail delivery or personally served and shall state that if payment is not made within 20 days of the date of the notice, the water supply to the premises will be shut off. The notice shall also state that the occupant may, before such date, demand a hearing on the matter, in which case the supply will not be cut off until after the hearing. If the customer requests a hearing before the date specified, a hearing shall be held on the matter by an impartial officer at least one week after the date of request. If as a result of the hearing, the impartial officer finds that the amount claimed to be owing is actually due and unpaid and that there is no legal reason why the water supply of the delinquent customer may not be shut off in accordance with this section, the city may shut off the supply.
   (D)   When water service to any premises has been discontinued, service shall not be restored except upon the payment of all delinquent bills and re-connect fee of $150. Each charge levied pursuant to this section is hereby made a lien upon the corresponding lot, land or premises served by the connection to the water system of the city, and all such charges which are more than 30 days due on September 30 and have been properly billed to the owner of the premises served, may be certified by the City Clerk to the County Auditor. The City Clerk, in certifying such charges to the County Auditor, shall specify the amount thereof, the description of the property and the name of the owner of the premises served. The amount so certified shall be extended by the County Auditor on the tax roll against such premises in the same manner as other taxes, and paid to and collected by the County Treasurer along with other taxes.
(Ord. 2018-6, passed 12-5-2018) Penalty, see § 10.99