§ 52.53  WATER RATES.
   (A)   The rate due and payable by each user within the city for water taken from the water system shall be established pursuant to § 52.51.
   (B)   In case the meter is found to have stopped, or to be operating in a faulty manner, the amount of water used will be estimated in accordance with the amount used previously in comparable periods of the year.
   (C)   Rates due and payable by each water user located beyond the territorial boundaries of the city may be determined by special contract.
   (D)   The minimum rates established pursuant to § 52.51 shall begin to accrue after connection of the service pipe with the curb stop box.
   (E)   A meter shall be installed on the water valve in the house and a remote register outside regardless of whether inside piping is connected.
   (F)   In the event a water customer elects to discontinue the use of the municipal water, the regular or minimum charge shall continue until the date as service is disconnected at the curb box.
Penalty, see § 10.99