§ 52.35  WATER METERS.
   (A)   Generally.  Except for extinguishment of fires, no person, unless otherwise authorized by the City Council or Public Utilities Department, shall use water from the water system or permit water to be drawn therefrom unless the same be metered by passing through a meter supplied or approved by the city.  No person not authorized by the City Council or Utilities Superintendent shall connect, disconnect, take apart, or in any manner change or cause to be changed or interfere with any meter or the action thereof, or break any meter or valve seal.
      (1)   A charge established pursuant to § 52.51 shall be paid by customers to the city for water meters including installations and check valves and payment for same shall be made at the time of water service application.  This payment shall be made only once, subject to the following.
      (2)   Where a consumer has need for a larger line in addition to his or her domestic line, as in the case of a commercial consumer who needs a one-inch line for normal use and a six-inch or larger line for a fire sprinkler system, he or she will be permitted to run one line into the premises and “Y” off into two lines at the building.  When this is done, the meter will be attached to the small or domestic line and a check valve as well as one-inch detection meter shall be put on the large line.
      (3)   The city shall maintain and repair all meters when rendered unserviceable through ordinary wear and tear and shall replace them if necessary.  When replacement, repair, or adjustment of any meter is rendered by the act, neglect (including damage from freezing or hot water backup) or carelessness of the owner or occupant of the premises, any expense caused the city thereby shall be charged against and collected from the water consumer.
      (4)   A consumer may, by written request, have his or her meter tested by depositing the amount established pursuant to § 52.51.  In case a test should show an error of over 5% of the water consumed, a correctly registering meter will be installed, and the bill will be adjusted accordingly and the testing deposit refunded.  This adjustment shall not extend back more than one billing period from the date of the written request.
      (5)   All water meters and remote readers shall be and remain the property of the city.
      (6)   Authorized city employees shall have free access at reasonable hours of the day to all parts of every building and premises connected with the water system for reading of meters and inspections. However, city employees may not enter private property without obtaining the permission of the owner to do so or have obtained a search warrant issued by a court of competent jurisdiction, as provided for in § 10.20.
      (7)   It shall be the responsibility of the consumer to notify the city to request a final reading at the time of the customer's billing change.
   (B)   Water meter setting.  All water meters hereafter installed shall be in accordance with the Minnesota Plumbing Code and any standards established by resolution of the City Council.
Penalty, see § 10.99