(A)   Connection applications.
      (1)   All applications for service installations and for water service shall be made to the City Clerk.  All applications for service installations and water service shall be made by the owner or agent of the property to be served and shall state the size and location of service connection required.  The applicant shall, at the time of making application, pay to the city the amount of fees as established by the City Council from time to time or deposit required for the installation of the service connection as hereinafter provided.  Applications for services larger than one inch shall be accompanied by two sets of plans or sketches indicating preferred location of service pipe and size of service based on building demand.
      (2)   The size of the water service connections and meter shall be subject to approval of the City Engineer. Water meter sizing for a domestic connection shall be 5/8 inch by 3/4 inch.  The standard service line size will be one inch.  If the homeowner requests a larger service line the extra cost of the water meter will be charged to the connection owner. The future replacement of the water meter will be billed at the difference between the standard meter cost and meter need to accommodate the larger line at the time of replacement.
      (3)   Water billing shall start at the time of installation of the water meter, or in the event the meter is not installed, seven days after completion of outside piping, and shall be calculated upon the minimum quarterly rate, prorated on a semi-monthly basis.
   (B)   Connection charges.
      (1)   A permit must be obtained to connect to the existing water service leads at the curb stop box.  The fee for the permit shall be set pursuant to § 52.51.  The city shall install or have installed all service connections from the water main to the curb stop box including the stop box.  Payment for service connections must be made before the work is started and should be based upon 1½ times the estimate of costs provided by the City Engineer.  Any excess deposit shall be returned to the applicant.
      (2)   Additional charges shall be paid at the time of making application for tapping and making connections with the water main to where a curb stop box and service lead is not previously installed.  The charge shall include the tapping of the water main, corporation cocks, the installation of a service line, the  installation of a curb stop box, cost of restoring disturbed areas and all other costs related to the installation.
      (3)   There shall be a connection charge pursuant to § 52.51 levied by the city to contribute to the payment of the costs of the Public Water System Facilities.  The City Council shall set by resolution the charges to be made for nonresidential installations.
      (4)   When water services have been stopped because of a violation of this chapter, the city shall collect the fee established pursuant to § 52.51 before service is recommenced.
      (5)   If a person desires to connect to the system and service a parcel that has not been assessed for the cost of water main and lateral construction, then before a permit is granted, the city shall collect an amount from the applicant that is established pursuant to § 52.51.
Penalty, see § 10.99