§ 52.27  REPAIRS.
   (A)   Determination of need for repairs.  Based on the information supplied by the property owner or available to the city, the city may make a determination whether a problem exists in that portion of the service which is the city's responsibility.  If the problem, appears to exist in the areas for which the city has no responsibility, the private owners will be responsible for correction of the problem.
   (B)   Thawing of water services.  The city may attempt to thaw water services on request of the resident.  If the problem is found within that portion of the service for which the private owner is responsible, the private owner thereafter will be responsible for thawing the service and correction of the problem.
   (C)   Excavation or repair of water service.
      (1)   The city may arrange for the investigative digging up and repair of any water service where the problem apparently exists within that area for which the city has responsibility.
      (2)   Unless it is clearly evident, however, that the problem is the responsibility of the city, the excavation and repair may not be made until the property owner requests the city in writing to excavate or repair the service and agrees to pay the cost.
      (3)   The owner further agrees to waive public hearing and be special assessed the cost of the excavation and repair if the problem is found to be other than the city’s responsibility.  The city may  make the determination for responsibility of the cost of investigation or repair.
      (4)   The matter of whether the dig up is done by city forces or contracted would depend on the urgency or need of repair and the availability of city forces to do the work.  Recovery by the city for faulty construction will depend upon the circumstances and the decision of the City Attorney on the likelihood of recovery.
   (D)   Failure to repair.  In case of failure upon the part of any consumer or owner to repair any leak occurring in his or her service pipe within 24 hours after verbal or written notice thereof, the water may be turned off by the city and may not be turned on until the leak has been repaired and a fee pursuant to § 52.51 has been paid to the city.
Penalty, see § 10.99