(A)   The city shall not be liable for any deficiency or failure in the supply of water to consumers, whether occasioned by shutting the water off for the purpose of making repairs or connections or from any other cause whatsoever.  In case of fire, or alarm of fire, or in making repairs of construction of new works, water may be shut off without notice at any time and kept off as long as necessary.  In addition, the City Council shall have the right to impose reasonable restrictions on the use of the city water system in emergency situations.  For non-payment of charges, water service may be discontinued according to the procedures established in § 52.72.
   (B)   Restricted hours.  Whenever the Council determines that a shortage of water supply threatens the city, it may, by resolution, limit the times and hours during which city water may be used for sprinkling, irrigation, car washing, air condition, or other specified uses.  After publication of the resolution, no person shall use, or permit water to be used, in violation of the resolution, and any customer who does so shall be charged a fee set by resolution of the Council for each day of violation and the charge shall be added to his next water bill.  If the emergency requires immediate compliance with terms of the resolution, the Council may provide for the delivery of a copy of the resolution to the premises of each customer, and any customer who has received such notice and thereafter uses or permits water to be used in violation of the resolution shall be subject to the charge provided above.  Continued violation shall be cause for discontinuance of water service.