(A)   Use of fire hydrants.  Except for extinguishment of fires, no person, unless authorized by the Public Works Director or Public Utilities Department, shall operate fire hydrants or interfere in any way with the water system without first obtaining a permit to do so from the city as follows:
      (1)   A permit to use a fire hydrant shall be issued for each individual job or contract and for a minimum of 30 days and for the additional 30 day period as the city shall determine.  The permit shall state the location of the hydrant and shall be for the use of that hydrant and none other.
      (2)   The user shall make an advance cash deposit to guarantee payment for water used and to cover breakage and damage to the hydrant and meter, which shall be refunded upon expiration of the permit, less applicable charges for use.
      (3)   The user shall relinquish the use of the hydrant to authorized city employees in emergency situations.
      (4)   The user shall pay a rental charge as established pursuant to § 52.51 for each day including Sundays and legal holidays.
      (5)   Connections to a public water supply to fill tankers must follow backflow prevention standards.  The connection will have a reduced pressure zone backflow device.
   (B)   Temporary connection to fire hydrants.  An owner of a private water system may make a temporary above ground connection to a fire hydrant, subject to the time periods, conditions, and payment specified in § 52.51.  In addition, the method of connection to the private system shall conform to all existing requirements of this chapter and city ordinance and the type of meter used shall meet the approval of the Utilities Superintendent.
Penalty, see § 10.99