(A)   The city hereby establishes a Sewer Service Charge System whereby all revenue collected from users of the wastewater treatment facilities will be used to affect all expenditures incurred for annual operation, maintenance and replacement and for debt service on capital expenditure incurred in constructing the wastewater treatment works.
   (B)   Each user shall pay its proportionate share of operation, maintenance, and replacement costs of the treatment works, based on the users proportionate contribution to the total wastewater loading from all users.
   (C)   Each user shall pay debt service charges to retire local capital costs as determined by the City Council.
   (D)   Sewer service rates and charges to users of the wastewater treatment facility shall be determined and fixed in a “Sewer Service Charge System” developed according to the provisions of this subchapter.  The Sewer Service Charge System shall be the system enacted prior to the adoption of this code.
   (E)   Revenues collected for sewer service shall be deposited in a separate fund known as “The Sewer Service Fund.”  Income from revenues collected will be expended to off-set the cost of operation, maintenance and equipment replacement for the facility and to retire the debt for capital expenditure.
   (F)   Sewer service charges and the sewer service fund will be administrated in accordance with the provisions of § 51.116.
   (G)   A connection fee shall be charged to each user connecting a new service to the Sanitary Sewer System.  The connection fee shall be due and payable within 90 days of the date the connection is completed.
   (H)   A sewer availability charge may be charged.
Penalty, see § 10.99