Whenever the city determines with reasonable certainty that diseased or dead trees create a public nuisance, the city is authorized to abate a public nuisance according to the procedures in this section.
   (A)   The city will notify in writing the owner of record or occupant of the premises that a public nuisance exists and order that the nuisance be terminated or abated. The notice may be given in person or by mail. Failure of any party to receive the mail does not invalidate the service of the notice. A copy of the notice shall be filed with the City Clerk.
   (B)   The notice of abatement shall state that unless the public nuisance is abated by the owner or occupant, it will be abated by the city at the expense of the owner or occupant. The notice shall specify the control measures to be taken to abate the nuisance, and provide a reasonable amount of time to abate the nuisance. The notice will also state that the owner or occupant has the right to appeal the determination that a public nuisance exists by submitting a request in writing to the City Clerk within seven days after service of the notice, or before the date by which abatement must be completed, whichever comes first.
   (C)   If no timely appeal is submitted, and the control measures prescribed in the notice of abatement are not complied with within the time provided by the notice or any additional time granted, the city shall have the authority to obtain permission or an administrative search warrant, enter the property, and carry out abatement in accordance with the notice of abatement.